07 May

The History Of Limousines


History of Limos

The modern limousines that we are familiar with today are extremely different to the limousines that were created hundreds of years ago. We all seem to associated limos as luxury vehicles with an extended wheelbase, useful for accommodating a large number of people, but they haven’t always been this way.

Throughout the next few sections we’ll talk about where the word “limousine” actually comes from, the first limos ever created, and the limos of today.

Where Does the Word “Limousine” Come From?

The word “Limousine” is derived from “Limousin”, one of the 27 regions of France. This region of France is the second-least populated region in the whole country and is made up mainly of rural land.

When automobiles were first created, they weren’t closed compartments as we know today — the automobiles were open and uncovered. The shepherds of Limousin would wear a cloak with a raised hood, which was first implemented with limousines, and hence the name.

The First Limos Ever Created

Limousines date way back to the 1700s, the time when horse-drawn carriages were preserved only for the world’s most wealthy. We might not think of these as limousines, but they are by definition as a limousine is technically a vehicle that has a separate compartment for the driver (or chauffeur) and the passengers.

The first automobile limousine was created in 1902 and the first stretch limousine was created in 1928 by a coach company named Armbruster. Stretch limousines weren’t originally intended to be used as luxury vehicles, they were actually intended to transport band members along with their equipment. This is why they were originally known as “big band buses”.

The Limos of Today

The limos that we know today are quite different from the limos that were around in the past. Today’s limousines have advanced massively along with the automobile industry. In previous days, limos were famously used to transport the rich and wealthy, but they’re now available to almost anyone. They are commonly used as a transportation method for people who are celebrating a special event or occasion.

More and more vehicles can now be found with a “stretch” version. We don’t just have the traditional stretch limousine that we all know and love, but we can also find Ferrari limousines, Hummer limousines, and much more.

Today’s limousines also have much more in terms of entertainment options, you’ll find some limos with smoke machines, professional sound systems, mini-fridges and coolers, and much more.

As you can see, the limos that we are familiar with today aren’t quite the same as the ones that were around many years ago. They have developed massively over the previous years and so it’s safe to say that they will develop in the same way over the forthcoming years.

Hopefully you now have a much greater understanding of the history of limos. The limousines of today aren’t just used to transport high-level politicians, actors, and company executives. They’re much more accessible and available to a wider range of people.

25 Apr

Hummer videos from Youtube

These videos of the Hummer are great, it is an amazing vehicle for so many reasons and its history is also incredible a little of which i talk about here.

What i find interesting is how it became a limousine and possibly the best limousine out there all over the world, here is a site that hires hummer’s in the UK, take a look.

30 Mar

The Hummer

black hummer

The Hummer, what a vehicle, its as we know a brand from the states. It started in 1992 with AM General selling a version of the M998 Humvee for personal and corporate use and non-military and turned into an amazing limo. What a great idea, so much so GM Motors bought it in 1998. And sold the H1, H2 & H3.

Due to the economic conditions in 2008, it was viewed as not such a good idea and while GM was going through bankruptcy proceedings, it was kept to see if they could do anything with it. In 2009 a Chinese car maker tried to buy it but pulled out, it was said the Chinese government stopped the deal.

GM was approached with offers but by 2010 it was too late, it was too late for the Hummer as GM was closing down inventory and therefore the car itself. The last Hummer was made and completed in May 2010.


white hummer


It started back in 1979 with the US Army wanting a high vehicle with a wide wheel base to be used in combat for transporting troops. AM were the first to deliver the vehicle and within a year built the first Hummer. And following testing won the business and a lovely $1+ billion deal to make over 50,000 vehicles.

The man who drove them to make one for non military folks was none other than the Terminator himself; Arnie!! He saw them and wanted one and I guess Arnie is listened to, you don’t want to upset that man!!

Hummer was selling and exporting in 2006 to dealers in over 30 countries. They were built in south africa and russia as well.

As we mention above they ended in 2010, which is a great shame as such an amazing vehicle. And famous now for being used as limousines all over the world, which is quite fitting as they are perfect for such events enjoyed by people who hire limos.

chrome hummer

They were labeled as having bad fuel economy, well that makes sense as they are enormous and their safety record wasn’t bad , it was just not very complete as they were exempt from certain regs. And a strange stat was that Hummer drivers receive 5 times the amount of traffic violations as other people, that I would suggest is more due to the people who give out the traffic tickets…


pink hummer

30 Mar

Welcome to my Hummer blog

white hummer


Thank you for finding my blog on Hummer’s.

It is my finest work!! Well maybe not but it’s got some really cool pictures of Hummer’s!!!

And the history of limousines, right here

And Hummer videos are here…

Take a look and get back to me with comments, I will try and reply but we are all busy aren’t we? Anyway take care and if you love Hummer’s go and buy one or hire one, they are so amazing. Maybe I do go over the top a little on this vehicle, I have never owned one but have hired one once. I think that counts as being in one!!!

Take care guys..